Story of Mags7 - Along, Angah, Alang, Andak, Achik, Adik, Acu



lately, i receive news regarding google wanna remove any blogs which does not using Gmail account to login into it. including the contributor. meaning, if the contributor use other email than gmail, the blog will be automatically remove by them. --> here is the details.

for everyone information, our main account for this blog which Acu made it is gmail.
but, acu as a author for this blog use yahoo mail.
so, in order to prevent this lovely blog being deleted by Google, I want to ask permission to remove acu from our author's list.

and I want to add others siblings's gmail to here.

ok. that's all. love you all.

...rindu semua...

along(azimah), angah(fatin), alang(asma), andak(farah), achik(dini), adik(alia)

rindunya semua orang.... acu tukar background music dedicated to all my sisters.... muah3... bila nak wat reu hehe.....

memory at mrsm beseriiiiiiiii.................



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